10 Most Mysterious Events Ever

Ourang Medan:

In June of 1947, the ship Ourang Medan was discovered shipwrecked with the entire crew dead from mysterious circumstances. The ship sent an S.O.S., which was received by several ships around the area of Malacca. The first S.O.S. stated that there were several dead bodies in the bridge and the chart room, and the second S.O.S. simply said, “I die”. The ship that responses to the call were horrified to find the dead bodies, including one with his hand still on the Morse code device. The mouths and eyes on every body were wide open, and there were no injuries or blood reported around the ship. When the Ourang Medan was being pulled back to land by the Silver Star, smoke bellowed from below deck, and exploded, causing the Ourang Medan to sink to the ocean floor.

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