The Top 10 Most Wanted Cars Of This Year 2016

01# Ferrari F12 TDF :

The TDF in Ferrari F12 TDF stands for Tour De France. No, it’s not meant to reference the well-known long distance race. Instead, it’s a nod to a noted motor race. The F12 TDF could be a diesel derived from the edition Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and is Ferrari’s quickest road automobile ever once the LaFerrai flagship. With a rating of 770 power unit, the TDF’s half dozen.3-liter V-12 is that the second most powerful natural aspirated engine in production. The TDF additionally boasts the brand’s initial use of rear-wheel steering and incorporates a projected a pair of.8-second blast from zero to sixty mph. It’s a contemporary automobile each a la mode and technology and options a singular facet profile. It’s additionally 243 pounds lighter than the F12 thanks to the reduction of glass.

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