Most Popular Blue Jeans Ever

For the past fifty years, blue jeans are the epitome of each day vogue within the Western world. However in 1873, once Apostle Strauss proprietary the denim pants, he had no intimation of the thought wear article it'd become. Struass, WHO arrived in CA as a twenty four year-old German migrant, simply needed a combine of trousers durable enough to last through every day of mining within the gold rush.

It wasn’t till 1934 that the primary jean was designed specifically for ladies. Previously, ladies ranchers borrowed their husbands’ pants for operating within the rough conditions of the previous West; however currently Apostle Strauss was trade them specifically for a woman’s body. Over consecutive few decades, girl Levi’s traveled from cowgirls of the West to malls across  us. By the Sixties, they were a staple in several women’s wardrobes. From the 60’s to nowadays, women’s jeans have modified drastically in their match and material, however one issue that’s remained is their quality. Let’s take a glance back at their evolution through the ages.

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