10 Upcoming Blockbuster Sequels Will Blow Your Mind In 2016

02# Alice Through The Looking Glass:

It is a real fact that in the year 2010, in spite of not being all that amusing, the film Alice In Wonderland managed to become a huge financial achievement, making over 1 billion dollars at the box office. The sequel of Alice In Wonderland , which is named as Alice Through The Looking Glass however, has a high chance of not being even distantly as successful as its ancestor. For starters, this sequel comes 6 years after the original movie, and in present world, that type of time break does not help regenerate interest in a franchise. Tim Burton who brought the 2010 movie to life, is not returning to direct this sequel, and Johnny Depp, as well-liked as he is, has not had that much hit at the box office for a few years at the moment. What really does not bold well for this film though, is the reality that it has the unfortunate luck of hitting the box office on the same day as the highly expected X-Men Apocalypse; and best of luck to any movie that has to contend with a popular superhero franchise.

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